Increased Productivity
Aligning IP Strategies With Business Objectives

IP Checkups offers qualitative analysis with traditional quantitative analytics to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your patent portfolio with respect to the competitive landscape. Our expert services and proprietary, flexible software called PatentCAM™ provide your company with important business intelligence to help make smarter business decisions.

Patent Searches & Competitive Patent Landscape Reports

Our comprehensive patent search and intelligence services enable you to make more informed decisions about how to move forward with new innovations and product development strategies.

Patent & Literature Search

We offer a range of traditional patent and non-patent literature search services including in-depth validity, prior art, freedom-to-operate (FTO), evidence of use, patent landscape, and patentability searches.

Market Intelligence Reports

These custom company or market-focused studies provide insight into patent ownership, patent filing activity, patent prosecution history, claim strength, competitive positioning, non-infringing alternatives and other qualitative information. For an example of our market intelligence reports, see a summary of our Grid-Scale Concentrated Solar Thermal report.

Competitive Patent Landscape Analysis

We analyze opportunities, obstacles, and threats within your technology and product areas of interest, by providing insights into patent ownership and competitor R&D strategies. We help you understand how your R&D programs and IP strategies stack up vis-a-vis competitors to make better strategic business decisions.

Patent Analytics & Visualization Tools (Big Data For Patents)

Patent analytics and visualization tools allow your business development, R&D, marketing and IP teams to establish metrics related to innovation and patent ownership. This quantitative data will allow you to make more informed and defensible business decisions.

Themescape Map Licensed from Thomson Reuters

Quantitative Patent Analytics

We help you track patent filing velocities, top assignees, inventors, patent class filings, geographic distribution, text analytics, and other metrics.

Patent Mapping

Patent maps are visualization tools that enable you to see and verify who owns what rights in specific product and/or technology areas. Our patent analysts will map patents and patent portfolios to products and technologies in your field(s) of interest. For an example of patent maps, see Patent Landscape Analysis of M&A Activity in the Water Sector.

Citation Trees

Citation trees show which patents are cited by others and the frequency of cites during the patent’s lifetime. Our experts review citation rates to quickly identify key patents in an area, identify potential licensees and evidence of use, and track the evolution of a particular technology over time.

Patent Family Diagrams

These visual diagrams show the connections between patent families through Continuations, CIP’s, Divisionals, Reissues and international patent offices. Our proprietary family diagrams enlighten management or investors on the strengths and breadth of coverage of any company’s patent portfolio.

Patent Portfolio Management & Due Diligence

Our proprietary process assists you in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your own patent portfolio and filing strategies vis-à-vis those of competitors.

Portfolio Assessment

We provide an in-depth analysis of the entire patent lifecycle from patent prosecution history to expiration. We review patent file histories, evaluate patent claim breadth and depth, research patent families, analyze citations, review geographic filing options, and map patents to products. This helps you determine whether your patent portfolio covers your technologies of interest, or your business’ product development goals.

Competitor Portfolio Overviews

We can also extend our analysis to competitors of interest or specific technology markets. A review of patent ownership, patent filing activity, patent prosecution history, claim strength, non-infringing alternatives and other qualitative information provides you with insight into the competitive positioning of companies and their patent portfolios. For an example of competitor portfolio overviews, see a summary of our Ausra Patent Portfolio Overview.

Patent Portfolio Management

We work with companies to develop a proactive and strategic patent portfolio management program to ensure available resources are being intelligently allocated. Our experts assist you in making decisions about what to file on, how to construct an intelligent patent filing strategy and how to build picket fences around your core technologies.

Litigation Risk Analysis

Patent litigation can be a huge liability for any operating company. Whether you are trying to avoid patent litigation, or asserting patents to defend your products, our services can help you determine the strengths and risks in your patenting strategy.

Patent & Literature Search

We offer a range of traditional patent and non-patent literature search services including in-depth validity, prior art, freedom-to-operate (FTO), evidence of use, patent landscape, and patentability searches.

Defensibility Analysis

We assess the prospective defensibility of a single patent or a portfolio of patents in the context of the larger competitive patent landscape. We help you understand the level of ease or difficulty involved with asserting a patent or defending against invalidity or reexamination challenges.

Evidence of Use

It is critical for business executives and product managers to understand whether others are using your technology while ensuring that you are not using others’. Our experts can assess whether there is any evidence of use of a particular patent or a product which is valuable to creating accurate sales/revenue models.

Patent Valuation & Monetization

For investors seeking a return, or patent brokers attempting to buy or sell a patent portfolio, or executives trying to monetize their assets, it is essential to have accurate and in-depth due diligence relating to the prospective value of a patent portfolio and its positioning relative to the competitive landscape. Our custom valuation and due diligence reports allow investors and buyers to realistically assess the opportunities, risks and inherent value of the patent assets involved in a deal; while helping deal makers identify deal flow, close deals quickly and maximize returns.


We have developed a best-in class patent valuation method based on market and patent-centric analysis that can be applied to a single patent or an entire portfolio. Our expert valuation services provide you with an independent third party assessment of the value of your intellectual property.

Our custom valuation services help you to: determine which invention disclosures to file; verify the defensibility or value of a patent or portfolio; assess the potential liabilities prior to releasing a new product; and determine a dollar amount for a buy or sell side transaction.


Licensing can generate additional revenue opportunities and can strengthen a companies competitive position. We will explore company R&D initiatives and the general patent landscape to find targeted outlicensing opportunities for a portfolio. We also identify patents for prospective licensors that wish to increase their company’s revenue or competitive position.

M&A and Divestitures

Whether identifying prospective acquisition targets or assessing patent ownership issues, we have pioneered the process of using competitive patent information to lead and support the M&A decision making process. Our proprietary process enables more accurate deal valuation for strategic M&A decisions by assessing the relative strengths and weakness of a target’s patent portfolio to others’ in the space.

“IP Checkups provides in-depth and quality analysis on a variety of IP issues. It was a pleasure to support their efforts to develop recommendations for a client on whether or not to make an investment in another company based upon that company’s IP portfolio.”
Donald GibsonWireless Expert/Patent Agent

Product Development & R&D Strategies

Engaging in new product development or R&D strategies is an expensive and time-consuming process. We help you analyze competitor R&D strategies and potential patent pitfalls, so you can assess which product areas to pursue.

R&D Initiation

Prior to spending money on new R&D initiatives, we recommend looking closely at competitive patent landscapes to see who is spending money on which new innovations and at what rate. We provide R&D and business decision makers with key insights on opportunities or obstacles within a technology landscape.

New Product Development Assessment

Prior to investing in new products, our experts engage your teams in collaborative patent analysis to assess protected and pending innovations in your product areas of interest. We help you determine if the field is crowded, and whether universities, companies, non-practicing entities, or individual inventors are involved. We can contact third parties on your behalf if you are interested in taking a license.

Design Around Research

We can help you define the scope of competitor patents and identify creative ways to avoid patent risks while building a viable and competitive product.

America Invents Act & Post Grant Review

The America Invents Act provides for broad reforms to the patent system, including new ways to test the validity of patents pre- and post-issuance. We offer you a comprehensive solution for your pre-issuance submissions, post grant review, and inter partes review procedures.

Pre-Issuance Submission

We provide a one-stop-shop for all of your AIA pre-issuance submission needs. Our experts can help you find and research prior art references, draft descriptions and review and submit documents anonymously through the USPTO’s electronic filing system.

Post Grant Reviews

PatentCAM™, our proprietary web-based patent management and monitoring software, enables you to quickly and affordably track new patent publications and issuances and our expert analysts can help assess potential targets for post-grant review.

Expert Post Grant Review and Inter Partes Review Searches

We provide in-depth patent and non-patent literature searches to identify documents for your post grant review or inter partes review proceedings. Our search professionals include technical experts with advanced degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering, biochemistry and chemistry, and computer software and hardware.

Patent Management & Monitoring Software

PatentCAM™, our proprietary web-based patent management and monitoring software, offers a flexible and easy to use interface that makes internal and competitive patent portfolio management and monitoring intuitive, affordable and simple to maintain. PatentCAM helps you stay ahead of your competitors by tracking and assessing competitive, complimentary or blocking patents grouped by relevant technology areas, patent classes, or competitor names.

Custom Patent Database Development

Our technology domain experts develop patent landscapes and custom patent collections related to any market or product area. Our software team builds custom, web-based patent analytic features that are easy to use. A custom patent database provides you with an affordable and easy way to access, share, analyze, value, manage and monitor relevant and up to date patent information focused on your specific markets.

Patent Tracking and Alerts

PatentCAM™ delivers automatic email alerts on what patents are publishing and issuing in any technology area.

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