IP Checkups defines and interprets competitive patent landscapes and identifies opportunities within patent landscapes for a wide range of clientele:


Investment Professionals

Law Firms

Universities & Research Institutions

Techology Alliances

Industry Analysts



IP Checkups works closely with our clients to protect and manage your Intellectual Property assets and offers competitively priced, project based services to track and monitor the evolution of patent landscapes in your area(s) of interest to:

  • Understand and extract the maximum value of your patent portfolio and intangible assests in comparison to your competition
  • Match your patent portfolio to your business objectives and improve your bottom line
  • Keep you more informed to make sound business decisions (concentrated areas of develoment, where uncharted spaces exist, M&A and divestiture opportunities, etc.)
  • Reap the advantage of our robust services that save you time and money and allow you to focus on your core business
  • Enhance collaborative efforts within your organization (between R&D, business development, marketing, legal) to increase overall productivity
  • Build awareness of potential infringement or licensing roadblocks before investing in developing technologies and minimize potential legal issues and expenses