Important Questions to Consider

IP Checkups partners with companies and investors to explore and navigate complicated patent landscapes and ultimately, our services enable business and investment professionals to answer important questions, such as:

  • What is happening in my industry?
  • How is technology evolving?
  • What technologies are competitors working on?
  • Who has relevant patents in my space?
  • How many patents are being filed?
  • Where are the best investment opportunities?
  • Who can benefit from licensing my inventions?
  • How can I avoid patent litigation?
  • What areas are yet to be developed?
  • Which patents are most valuable?
  • How do I manage the large volume of patent data?
  • Who owns key patents in my area?
  • How defensible are my patents?
  • Can I benefit from others’ technology?
  • How much are competitors investing in R&D?
  • What are the non-infringing alternatives?