IP Checkups is a boutique patent analytics & market research firm that offers a unique combination of:

The Right People & Expertise

Free your time–leverage our IP strategy & analytics expertise

We specialize in IP strategy, prior art searching and analyzing patent landscapes and market research to deliver actionable recommendations to our customers.

Our analysts and strategic consultants have decades of experience evaluating and interpreting the opportunities and risks associated with intellectual property and patent assets in a variety of technology areas.
  • Seasoned experts in patent and prior art searching, intellectual asset management, competitive intelligence, market research and analytics, and business valuation and IP strategy.
  • Extensive technical knowledge in any technology domain to identify defensible patents, competitor activity, IP risks and opportunities; show technological evolution including white space, crowded areas, and where new products are likely to appear; and identify how R&D spending is allocated.
  • In depth understanding of the business value of patent assets to help you make sound decisions related to initiating new R&D and product development programs, aligning your business and R&D strategy with new patent filings, as well as licensing and M&A opportunities.
  • Consult and partner with our clients to determine the value of intellectual property, know-how, and R&D strengths and risks to determine the best strategy to generate the greatest return on IP and patent assets.
  • Flexible, resourceful and scalable to quickly respond to the various needs of investors, companies, and law firms.
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The Right Approach & Methodology

Enhance your business–patent landscape analysis & research

We search patents, scientific literature, and market and product information to deliver custom patent mapping, landscape analysis, valuation, and diligence reports.

Our proven process provides you with actionable insights into who is working in your technology areas, what they are working on, which patents are the defensible and where are there opportunities for new innovations.
  • IP-centric approach to valuation and market research provides executives and investors with unique perspectives to make highly informed decisions.
  • Map patents to products, search for freedom to operate, validity, patentability, or infringement/evidence of use to assist legal and technical teams to assess opportunities and risks inherent to intellectual property.
  • Customized services enable companies to create defensible patent portfolios that are aligned with research, marketing, business and product development initiatives.
  • Enable clients to gain a global understanding of the defensibility and value of patent portfolios in light of products in any competitive market.
  • Identify opportunities that will help you decide whether to build technology from the ground up or license/purchase technology for new product development and R&D initiatives.
  • Lead strategic conversations with your executive, business, technical, legal and marketing teams to communicate the value of patent analysis and encourage interdepartmental collaboration.
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The Right Software & Technology

Know your competition–track and monitor competitor activity

We deliver our custom prior art searches, patent landscape analysis, and patent mapping reports in PatentCAM™, our proprietary, competitive patent monitoring and management solution.

The web-based tool offers a single solution enabling your team to easily manage and monitor competitive patent information in a variety of categories relevant to your business.
  • A simple, easy to use software solution focused on providing timely, accurate and competitive patent information so you can quickly assess the players, trends, and technologies that exist among competitors in any technology area.
  • Sort patents and applications into folders and collections related to companies, technologies, inventors and other customizable categories.
  • A single repository to manage and monitor competitive patent information from worldwide patent databases updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Create and run custom search strings to filter for relevant data specific to a company’s inventors, products, inventions and technologies.
  • Web-based interface provides patent data management tools such as sorting and bucketing, filtering, analytics, and exporting. The data is easy to organize and monitor and encourages interdepartmental collaboration through strategic conversation.
  • Comprehensive reports and analytics provide visualizations and insights into industry trends.
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