IP Checkups is a boutique patent analytics firm that offers a unique combination of:

The Right People & Expertise

Free your time–leverage our knowledge and expertise

We specialize in interpreting the complex relationships that exist among patents in a variety of technology landscapes.
  • Seasoned experts in patent and IP issues, technical research and analytics, and business strategy development.
  • Extensive technical knowledge in any technology area to identify competitors, obstacles and opportunities; show technological evolution; and identify how R&D spending is allocated.
  • In depth understanding of the business value of patent assets relative to the competition to help make sound decisions related to new R&D initiatives, licensing, and identifying M&A targets.
  • Consult and partner with our clients to determine the best strategy to generate the greatest return on IP and patent assets.
  • Flexible, resourceful and scalable to quickly respond to the various needs of investors, companies, and law firms.
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The Right Approach & Methodology

Enhance your business–rely on our customizable services

We deliver in depth patent analysis and customized IP strategies in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.
  • IP-centric approach provides executives and investors with unique patent information to make highly informed decisions.
  • Customized services that enable companies to create superior patent portfolios and align IP strategies with business objectives.
  • Enable clients to gain a global understanding of the defensibility and value of patent portfolios in any competitive area.
  • Identify opportunities that will help you decide whether to build or buy technology for new product development initiatives.
  • Conduct strategic conversations that unify business areas and encourages interdepartmental collaboration.
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The Right Software & Technology

Know your competition–utilize the power of our technology

We offer PatentCAM™, a web-based software tool that refines patent data into managable information relevant to your business objectives.
  • Proprietary, easy to use software tools and subscription services focus on providing timely, accurate and competitive patent information so clients can quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses that exist between competitors in any technology area.
  • Easy access to consolidated IP information from worldwide patent databases updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Create and run custom search strings to filter only relevant data specific to a company’s products, inventions and competitive technology landscapes that identifies who is working in your space and analyze what they are working on.
  • Web-based interface provides patent data management tools that are easy to organize and monitor; and encourages interdepartmental collaboration through strategic conversation.
  • Comprehensive reports and analytics provide graphic representation and insights into industry trends, and more specifically, who is developing which technologies in any area.
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