IP Checkups developed PatentCAM™ after years of using other patent search and management systems. PatentCAM offers a flexible and easy to use interface that makes internal and competitive patent portfolio management and monitoring intuitive, affordable and simple to maintain.

PatentCAM enables users to categorize, sort, and track new patents in your technology areas of interest on an ongoing basis. The flexible system allows administrators to manage access permissions while users can download excel spreadsheets, customize analytics, rate patents and monitor patent publications and issuances from worldwide patent authorities.

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CleanTech PatentEdge

Over 1.5 Million Patents in 150 Clean Technology Market Categories

The CleanTech PatentEdge is an online compendium of cleantech patent data presorted into over 150 green industry categories. The database captures patent data from markets as diverse as advanced batteries, solar or wind energy, and water treatment processes.
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Over 200,000 Patents in 200+ Battery Market Categories

The Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge is an online compendium of advanced battery patent data presorted into over 200 battery technology categories. The database captures patent data from markets as diverse as lithium-ion and graphite anodes to nickle metal hydride (NiMH).
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Track LED and Solid State Lighting Industry Trends

The LED PatentEdge is an online competitive intelligence solution and research database focused on the LED and solid state lighting industry. The database categorizes patents across diverse market sectors including, but not limited to, LED bulbs and fixtures, components, drivers, optics, epitaxy, phosphors, and substrates. Learn More about LED PatentEdge
NPE Tracker

Fostering an Open and Transparent Patent Marketplace

The NPE Tracker is a free and public online compendium of non-practicing entities and their patent holdings. The database includes patent assertion entities like Intellectual Ventures and Acacia, defensive patent aggregators like RPX, and research institutions like WARF and CSIRO.  


Interested in your own custom patent database and monitoring solution? We can create a tailored software solution for your areas of interest.

Custom Add-On Features Include:

  • Patent Ranking
  • Advanced Permissions and Access
  • PatentCAM ChemistryQuickly view and scan representative chemical structures extracted from patent data.
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