Software and services to align your IP strategy with your R&D and business objectives.

IP Checkups is a leader in patent landscape analysis, search, IP strategy and software.

Experience You Can Trust

“…effective IP management is key to achieving
competitive advantage”

Source: Intellectual Property Congress for Green Energy Technology

The Right Software & Technology


Our patent landscape software, PatentCAM™ and PatentEdge™ are web-based, competitive monitoring and management tools to help give you an edge over the competition.

The PatentCAM and PatentEdge Solutions provide:

  • A simple, easy-to-use interface that provides timely, accurate and competitive patent information to quickly assess the players, trends, and technologies that exist among competitors in related areas.
  • A tool to sort and categorize patents related to companies, technologies, products, inventors and other customizable categories.
  • A central repository to store and run searchers on competitive patent and scientific information updated on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Time savings for technical and legal teams by eliminating administrative tasks and duplicate research and patent filings.
  • Reduced costs associated with patent search, litigation discovery; streamlines the information management processes.

The Right People & Expertise


Our experienced technical, business and legal experts specialize in IP strategy, prior art searching and analyzing patent landscapes to deliver actionable recommendations.

Located throughout the US & Europe.

  • Our analysts have decades of experience evaluating and interpreting the opportunities and risks associated with intellectual property.
  • We are pioneers in Intellectual asset management and we understand the critical role that intellectual property plays in successful organizations.
  • Our team has extensive knowledge in technologies related to chemistry, materials, biology, electrical, mechanical, hardware, or software.
  • We deliver actionable reports focused on the business value of patents and IP. We advise on making strategic decisions related to R&D, product development, licensing and M&A opportunities.

The Right Approach & Methodology


We search patents, scientific literature, and market information to uncover technologies competitors are working on and opportunities for new innovations. We deliver actionable conclusions.

Our proprietary process offers:

  • An IP-centric approach to market research and business valuation. We deliver actionable conclusions and non-intuitive insights for you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Mapping patents to products to assess the value and defensibility of patent portfolios in any technology or market.
  • A global understanding of competitor’s R&D and IP strategies. We highlight risks and opportunities for you to make strategic, informed decisions.
  • Opportunities for new R&D and product development initiatives, tangential market entry, M&A, licensing, and design-around.
  • Intradepartmental conversations between, business, technical, legal, and marketing teams to establish a defensible IP strategy that enhances R&D and business objectives.

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