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Patent Management Software | PatentCAM | Patent Search and Analysis


The software behind your strategy

The best way to beat your competition is to know them. Our patent management software, PatentCAM, lets you analyze patent search results, mitigate legal risk, determine marketability and create what’s never been seen before.

PatentCAM is a collaborative, patent management software for R&D, legal, and business teams to make strategic business decisions.


  • Monitor newly published patents and technical literature
  • Manage patent search and competitive information
  • Add comments and feedback

Save time & money for legal, R&D & business development

  • Simplify administrative tasks
  • Collaborate and share technical information
  • Centralized patent repository

Reduce risks, streamline processes

  • Mitigate legal risk; increase licensing opportunities
  • Eliminate duplicate research
  • Effortless litigation discovery

Additional Features

  • Easy-to-use dashboard – maintain and organize your patent portfolio
  • Monitor competitor activity – daily, weekly or monthly alerts
  • Categorize, sort, and track new patents from worldwide authorities


  • Import patents, export, rank patents, leave notes, and request feedback
  • Customizable, searchable fields
  • Flexible privilege and access controls
  • Scalable solution for hundreds to thousands of users


  • Patent management software replaces Microsoft excel, Share Point, or in-house solutions
  • Reduces license fees associated with patent search software