• What is happening in my industry?
  • How is technology evolving?
  • What technologies are competitors working on?
  • Who has relevant patents in my space?
  • How many patents are being filed?
  • Where are the best investment opportunities?
  • Who can benefit from licensing my inventions?
  • How can I avoid patent litigation?
  • What areas are yet to be developed?
  • Which patents are most valuable?
  • How do I manage the large volume of patent data?
  • Who owns key patents in my area?
  • How defensible are my patents?
  • Can I benefit from others’ technology?
  • How much are competitors investing in R&D?
  • What are the non-infringing alternatives?

We specialize in aligning your patent strategy with business objectives to maximize the value of your company.

“…effective IP management is key to achieving competitive advantage” (Source: Intellectual Property Congress for Green Energy Technology)

free your time


We specialize in interpreting the complex relationships that exist among patents in a variety of technology landscapes.

enhance your business


We deliver in-depth patent analysis and customized IP strategies at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

know your competition


We offer PatentCAM™, a web-based software tool that refines patent data into manageable information relevant to your business objectives.
“By using PatentCAM™ to monitor our client’s technology, our client’s R&D team identified a critical patent that fundamentally altered the course of a licensing negotiation.”
Kirk Damman, Partner Lewis, Rice & Fingersh
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