• What is happening in our industry?
  • How is technology evolving?
  • What technologies are competitors working on?
  • Who has relevant patents in our space?
  • How many patents are being filed?
  • Where are the best investment opportunities?
  • Who can benefit from licensing our inventions?
  • How can we avoid patent litigation?
  • What areas are yet to be developed?
  • Which patents are most valuable?
  • How do we manage the large volume of patent data?
  • Who owns key patents our our area?
  • How defensible are our patents?
  • Can we benefit from others’ technology?
  • How much are our competitors investing in R&D?
  • Where are our competitors spending money?
  • What are the non-infringing alternatives?
  • Can we design around this technology?
  • What is the value of our patent portfolio?

We specialize in patent landscape analysis, valuation, and market research to align your IP strategy with business objectives.

“…effective IP management is key to achieving competitive advantage” (Source: Intellectual Property Congress for Green Energy Technology)

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Our analysts understand the critical role that intellectual property research plays in successful product development and R&D activities.

We work closely with your technical, legal, marketing, and business development teams to deliver holistic IP and business solutions to advance a defensible intellectual property strategy that supports and enhances your business objectives.

We are located in the San Francisco, Bay Area and have representatives throughout the US and Europe. Our highly skilled team has decades of combined experience in intellectual asset management, IP strategy, R&D, patent search and market research and analysis.

Whether you are trying to understand the patent landscape for a new R&D initiative or need a patent valuation to determine the strengths and risks associated with your intellectual property assets, our technical, business and legal experts have demonstrated mastery in all facets of patent analysis and intellectual asset management.

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We deliver custom patent mapping, landscape, valuation and market research services to provide you with the information necessary to understand which companies, universities, non-practicing entities and others are working in your area and what technologies they are working on.

While many companies and investors make strategic decisions without considering technology ownership rights and the competitive patent landscape, our proven process involves prior art searching of patents, scientific literature, as well as market and product information to deliver actionable and non-intuitive insights that enable you to make strategic, defensible R&D, M&A, and investment decisions.

Our services illuminate where competitors are spending resources, which inventors are working on what R&D projects, what companies and universities your competitors are partnering with, which technology areas are “hot” and which are “cooling off”, and what areas might be ripe for new innovations (“white space”).

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PatentCAM™, our proprietary, web-based competitive patent monitoring and management software helps you to stay steps ahead of your competition.

With an easy to use interface including basic information management features, PatentCAM offers organizations a single source to store competitive patent information.

Data delivered from our patent searches, patent landscape and patent mapping projects are sorted into company, inventor, technology and product focused categories. The software is updated frequently enabling you to easily track patent filing trends, new innovations and new entrants, and competitor patent filing activity.

Ultimately, our custom patent analytics services combined with our Patent monitoring software provides you with actionable, up to date competitive intelligence information to support decisions related licensing technology, acquiring a company, buying or selling patents, or creating a new technology solution from scratch.
“IP Checkups helped our R&D, legal & marketing teams develop a comprehensive patent landscape & market analysis for ITO alternatives. We used the analysis to determine where to invest and which areas to avoid. The work was done professionally, on time and within budget.”
Senior Manager-Emerging Technology, Fortune 500 Materials Science Company
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