On January 21, 2014, IP Checkups announced the latest addition to its suite of PatentEdge solutions, the Advanced Battery & Capacitor (ABC) PatentEdge™, which focuses specifically on the advanced battery and capacitor industries.

The ABC PatentEdge is the only comprehensive online research database dedicated to addressing patent developments in the advanced battery industry. The ABC PatentEdge database houses more than 200,000 worldwide patents, categorized into more than 200 advanced battery technology and market sectors. The database is organized into 6 top-level areas which are then further sub-divided into technology and market categories including cathodes, ionic liquids, anodes, busbars, sensors, electric vehicles, energy arbitrage, electrodes, electrolytes, cell geometries, sense leads, thermal regulation, and many more.

ABC PatentEdge™ was developed to provide engineers, business development teams, product managers, and marketing departments with insight into competitive activity, broad market trends, and cutting edge innovations in advanced batteries.  Subscribers can avoid arduous patent searches and antiquated national databases by accessing information on advanced battery trends through a simple, cost-effective interface.

“Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge is a valuable resource for companies, investors and research institutions working on new battery technologies. The database provides quick and easy access to stay up to date on the who, what, where and when of advanced battery technology development.” said Matt Rappaport, founder and CEO of IP Checkups.

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