IP Checkups recently produced a webinar focused on using our IP management software tool, PatentCAM to manage patents and non-patent literature. The webinar was presented by Matthew Rappaport and Bruce Resnick of IP Checkups. It was hosted by Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN), a publication of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

To view the entire webinar, see the video embedded at the bottom of this post.

Reviewing, organizing, and managing large amounts of information contained in patents and scientific literature is extremely challenging.  Whether working in research, on new product development,  or competitor monitoring, it is essential to systematize the patent search and analysis process to derive as much value as possible from the vast amounts of data collected.

The presentation highlights our IP management software, PatentCAM to manage patents and non-patent literature. It also includes a case study for a project related to Algae Biofuels. We describe the patent landscape analysis process, how to categorize, annotate and manage the information, and how doing so can reduce redundant research efforts, generate new revenue opportunities and accelerate the path to commercialization in any technology area.

The webinar touched on a variety of topics:

  • Learn how to use patents to gain insights into competitor activities.
  • Discover how organized patent information can drive decisions related to new innovations, R&D, and product development initiatives.
  • Gain insight into how patent analysis increases revenue generation opportunities while reducing:
    • Redundant research
    • Patent litigation risks
    • Time to commercialization

Ultimately, the webinar teaches you how to turn patent and non-patent literature search results into actionable business decisions.

IP Checkups Webinar – Beyond the spreadsheet – Powerful tools to manage patents and non-patent literature.

Click here to access a copy of the slide presentation.

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