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Competitors in graphite anodes - Patents from Q1-Q2 2014

IP Checkups offers several types of reports. The Competitor Innovation report provides insight into specific companies’ patent activity. Below is a sample report that displays recent patent activity from Samsung, LG Chem, Kureha, Sumitomo, and Panasonic in graphite anode technology from January 1 through June 30, 2014. 

If you want a custom report, you can stipulate which competitors to monitor.  Order your custom Competitor Innovation report and start tracking your competitors today!

ABC PatentEdge database is updated weekly.  Below is a brief list of recent patents in graphite anodes assigned to one of the five sample competitors.

ABC Sample Report - Patents from Competitor Detail

Additional patent data such as application numbers, filing dates, abstracts, regions, inventors, class codes, and current assignees are accessible with a subscription to ABC PatentEdge.

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