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Major League Patent Analysis - Patent Monitoring Software

Identifying, recruiting, and signing a professional athlete is an exhaustive process for any sports franchise. Weighing the accolades versus the injuries. Home record versus away. ERAs, SOGs, QBRs, FG%s. Even deep dive background checks into the athletes’ families. All just to win a game.

Shouldn’t your patent analysis be just as in depth?

Yes, and it requires effort. Effort, time and resources. But with so much up-side — improved R&D efficiencies, reduced legal risks, faster time to commercialization — the steps we take to create an actionable patent landscape require a small investment by comparison. And, it’s almost impossible to compete against the world’s greatest innovators without this kind of information.

The good news is, there is a process to achieve this level of patent analysis, and when applied effectively, it provides a comprehensive view into what your competitors are inventing as well as your own organization. With up-to-date patent information readily available, your R&D teams can design around existing inventions and discover white space in the market, all while protecting your organization from infringing on others’ IP.

This need for intelligence and counter-intelligence may feel like a game at times. But with the right tools, this is a game anyone can win.