Patent Analysis & Market Research Reports

IP Checkups offers patent analysis and market reports that enable R&D, marketing, business development, and corporate decision-makers to focus on analyzing actionable information rather than spending time searching for and reviewing data, sorting data into categories, and collating reports.

IP Checkups’ patent analysis and market reports include patent landscape overviews, technology sector overviews, new entrants reports, company portfolio overviews, top company overviews, and competitor innovation reports for any technology or market.

Our experienced chemists, biologists, electrical and mechanical engineers have years of experience analyzing patents, technical information, market and financial data . Our expert patent analysts search for and compile relevant research to deliver easily digestible and actionable reports that assist you in determining who is working in your area, which technologies and new innovations are accelerating or slowing, which areas are most concentrated and which areas present ‘white space’ or new development opportunities, who the new entrants are in a technology area, and which patents appear to be the most defensible.

Updated weekly or monthly in PatentCAM™, IP Checkups’ competitive patent monitoring & management software, our patent analysis and market reports enable you to stay on top of competitor activity, new industry trends, how much money is being spent on research and development, and where there are new opportunities for future development within a particular market.

Additional searching and patent analysis can be provided upon request for questions related to patentability, freedom to operate/clearance, validity, and state of the art/market assessments.

IP Checkups’ patent analysis and market reports provide a high-level overview and in-depth analysis of key patents and important players and offer valuable insight into the technology development activities underlying company’s products. Our comprehensive reports enable your organization to make highly informed decisions, keeping you steps ahead of the competition.

Please Contact Us to request a sample report. Or, check out this example of how the Brookings Institute used our CleanTech PatentEdge data for their report entitled, “Patenting invention: Clean energy innovation trends and priorities for the Trump administration and Congress”.