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Implementing our proprietary process across your organization engages R&D, legal, marketing and business development teams from the earliest stages of technology and product development to ensure that new products are differentiated, well protected and will be useful in the market.

IP Checkups experts facilitate this process through implementing the following steps:

Engage & Assess

IP Checkups will Engage in a patent-centric strategic conversation with your business development and domain experts to understand the area(s) of focus and business development strategy. Next we will Assess your company’s current IP strategy, through a review of patent filing histories and invention disclosures.

Search & Map

Our experts then Search worldwide patent databases and use powerful analytic and visualization software to uncover who is working on which technologies in your area(s) of interest. Then we Map competitive patent landscapes specific to your company’s products and inventions.

Filter & Analyze

We manually Filter and Analyze the results to identify and evaluate the prior art, freedom to operate, competitor patent portfolios and strategies, lateral technologies, design around possibilities, licensing opportunities, M&A targets, and exit strategies.

Identify & Evaluate

We Identify obstacles and underdeveloped areas within technology landscapes for future development programs, and partner with companies and capital managers to Evaluate areas that have been highly developed.

Deliver & Recommend

Next, we Deliver reports that help executives and investors understand and visualize your company’s competitive IP position, and Recommend a clear and comprehensive patent portfolio development plan aligned with your business objectives.

Track & Monitor

Our current awareness monitoring software, PatentCAM™, enables your company to Track and Monitor the evolution of the competitive patent landscapes on an ongoing basis.

Watch an Interview with Co-Founder Michael Rappaport

“IP Checkups helped our R&D, legal & marketing teams develop a comprehensive patent landscape & market analysis for ITO alternatives. We used the analysis to determine where to invest and which areas to avoid. The work was done professionally, on time and within budget.”

Senior Manager-Emerging Technology,
Fortune 500 Materials Science Company